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The W1GHZ Online Microwave Antenna Book
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Conference Papers by W1GHZ

in progress October 2023

Periscope Antenna Revisited - and Performance Verified   (Microwave Update 2023)

Sectoral Horn Antennas for Microwave Beacons   (Microwave Update 2023)

Feedhorn Analysis for Parabolic Dish G/T  (International EME Confernce 2014)

Spreadsheet for Mesh Reflector Loss Calculations

Septum Feeds - Tolerances and Sensitivity  (International EME Confernce 2012)

Parabolic Dishes with Flat Subreflectors  (Microwave Update 2011)

High-Power Directional Couplerswith Excellent Performance.pdf  (International EME Confernce 2010)

Parabolic Dish Focus, Zoom, and Tilt  (Microwave Update 2009)

Helical Feed Antennas  (Microwave Update 2002)

Septum Polarizers and Feeds  (Microwave Update 2003)

Enhancing the OK1DFC Septum Feed with a Choke Ring   (2007 Eastern VHF/UHF Conference)

Enhancing the OK1DFC Septum Feed with a Choke Ring or Chaparral-style Horn,
and A Comparison of some Septum Polarizers
  (Microwave Update 2007)

VE4MA and Chaparral Feeds with Septum Polarizers by W1GHZ and WD5AGO   (2006 Eastern VHF/UHF Conference)

High Efficiency Feeds for Prime-focus Dishes by W1GHZ and WD5AGO   (EME2006 and Microwave Update 2006)

Optimized Dual-mode Feedhorns   (Microwave Update 2006)

Multi-band Feeds (Central States VHF Conference 2004)

Multiple Reflector Dish Antennas (EME Conference 2004 and Microwave Update 2004)

Spreadsheet Cassegrain_design.xls