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Here are some references for 10 GHz and other microwave antennas 

Updated 10 August 1999
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 First, you should read the following 
  • D. Turrin, W2IMU, "Parabolic Reflector Antennas and Feeds," The ARRL UHF/Microwave Experimenter's Manual, ARRL, 1990.
  • M. Ralston, KI4VE, "Design Considerations for Amateur Microwave Antennas, "Proceedings of Microwave Update '88, ARRL, 1988, pp. 57-59.
  • H. Reasoner, K5SXK, "Microwave Feeds for Parabolic Dishes," Proceedings of Microwave Update '89, ARRL, 1989, pp. 75-84.
  • QEX Articles by W1GHZ (N1BWT) 
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    Rover Antenna Installations 

    RCA DSS dish mounted on 10 GHz transverter 


    with 21.5 degree wedge to aim it on horizon 


    Note bullseye level on transverter for alignment 

    New Periscope antenna system for 10 GHz

    described in the Proceedings of the 1999 (25th) Eastern VHF/UHF Conference , available from ARRL.

    During construction and up on the W1GHZ tower.

    The flyswatter reflector, which rotates and tilts, is fed by a dish on the ground directly under it.

    Dick, K2RIW, has been talking about periscope antennas for so long that I had to put one up and show him how to do it!

    The periscope antenna worked great for rainscatter during the June VHF Contest. I worked four grids on 10 GHz, best DX >130 miles, during heavy rain.

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