Appendix 6D
Electromagnetic Field Animations
Paul Wade W1GHZ ©2001

Animations of the electromagnetic fields in the near field, in and around an antenna, are intended to help with visualization -- to see how an antenna works.

The animations are presented as a Powerpoint slide show, with many of the slides containing looping animations like the example shown here.  The slide show may be viewed with a web browser.

Two versions are available for download: APP6D_IE5.ZIP, for Internet Explorer version 5 or later, and APP6D_ALL.ZIP, for all other browsers.  The latter displays the animations at lower resolution and quality, so the IE5 version is preferable.  Both are really large files, upwards of 10 Megabytes.  If you download with a slow modem, you might consider getting the CD-ROM version from Down East Microwave.  The animations are included in version 1.5 and later.

After downloading, extract all the files from the .ZIP file; WinZip will automatically put all the files except APP6D_IE5.HTM or APP6D_ALL.HTM in a subdirectory (folder).  Opening the .HTM file in a browser will start the show.

The slide show screen will have the slide window in the upper right, Forward and Backward buttons below the window, and a window with commentary on the bottom.  Down the left side is an index for jumping to a particulary slide.  The IE5 version has a button on the lower right to view the slides full-screen, using the mouse buttons for movement.

COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS:  Video animations take a bit of horsepower, so a perky CPU with a healthy amount of memory and a decent video card are recommended.  As an example, a 233 MHz laptop does OK but has to skip some frames to keep up.  Some of the bargain systems with "on-board" video sharing main memory may choke.  And your old 386 will be toes-up in a hurry.