10 GHz Propagation
Updated 5 August 1999
WA1MBA has written a good explanation of 10 GHz propagation, especially rainscatter.

The following contacts were made with my dish pointed straight up through a skylight, into light snow in January, heavy rain in March:
10 GHz Snow scatter recordings from January 1997 VHF contest:
Station #1
Station #2
Station #3
10 GHz Rain scatter recordings from 9 March 1997
I've also worked rainscatter with my periscope antenna. During the June 1998 VHF Contest, I worked four grids on 10 GHz, best DX >130 miles, during heavy rain. Here are some sound clips of AF1T on CW and SSB.
Let me know how they sound!
DSP guys - can you find a way to improve copy?

VK3ZQB on Predicting Propagation across the Great Australian Bight

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