Pictoral Guide to 10 GHz Operators

If you aren't here or don't like the picture I chose, send me a better one!

Updated July 1999

Grid squares shown for 10 GHz home stations

Tom, WA1MBA in his shack,working on the 10 GHz rig.
A larger picture
Photo by Larry Mulvehill (WB2ZPI) / CQ-VHF
Chip, W1AIM on Mt. Washington
with N1BWT and N1VLT in the background,
during the 5 minutes that the sun came out last August.
A larger picture
Larry, K1LPS

Larry got many of us started on 10 GHz

Microwave antennas at WA1MBA
in FN32sl

on Mt. Washington in more normal conditions.

Larry shows us how not to do it, by holding the dish on the tripod with his thumb

Dave, AA1A and his portable 10 GHz rig
John, K1FWF, now K1AE and Linda, N1RWM
Don, WB1FKF, and his antennas in FN42jk

Ken, W1RIL (FN42ah)with some friends W1RIL operating portable on 10 GHz

Matt KB1VC

Matt's Home Page

-- see the SPAM® Cannon in action

Dick, K2RIW in FN30ht Bruce, N2LIV
Dave, KD5ROnow K2DH Larry, KG2BB now NY2US in FN30ep
Tim, KJ4VH, now N4GN and
Tim's home page
his dad, K4EFD
operating with me on Mt. Kearsarge, NH, FN43bj

Zack, KH6CP/1 now W1VT

operating all bands on Mt. Equinox, FN33kd, in a VHF contest

the same spot on a normal day on

Mt. Equinox

K1FWF, now K1AE & Beth N1SAI

A slow day on Mt. Washington

Dale, AF1T (FN43cd) and Ernie, WA1NIE Roving in the January contest

Harry, WA1VVH in FN42eq Byron, N1EKV
Mark, K1MAP (ex-N1LZC)