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W1GHZ (N1BWT) 10 GHz home page
Needs some updating

W1GHZ Microwave Antenna Book Online

QEX articles by W1GHZ

NEW - Antenna Analyzer Pet Tricks from QEX, January 2019. Reprinted with Permission.
Discover a range of measurements you can make with your antenna analyzer

PC Board Small Projects
Other Small Projects
Filter articles by W1GHZ
Directional Couplers for High Power
Phase Noise and MDS
24 GHz and Up

Old W1GHZ home page (in case something got lost)

Improved Dualband Feedhorn for 10 and 24 GHz
photo of feed
photo of feed with horn
photo of one-piece feed with horn and lowpass filter
One-piece horn with
Low-pass filter for better isolation

BD_2004 - now includes grids beginning with Q

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